CCTV Security Cameras
CCTV Cameras are amongst greatest inventions which are used as security devices to monitor actions, prevention of crime and more. Close Circuit Television as it is said, records the happening of a particular location where installed and shows the recorded on computer or television screen.
DC Power Connectors
DC Power Connectors, also known as DC Power Plugs, work as electrical connectors and supply DC power that is direct current power. Accidental interconnection can be prevented when right arrangement and dimension of these connectors are chosen as per electronic device.
Biometric Attendance System
Biometric Attendance System is designed for corporate offices, governmental institutions, MNC’s and many more organizations to maintain security, marking attendance and correct identification. This system is easy to connect with computer systems. Coding is one of the main operational principles of this system.
DVR Surveillance System
Digital Video Recorder is in short known as DVR System. As the very name implies, this system records video with the help of memory card, disk drive or any other type of storage device which is compatible with this system.
CCTV BNC Connector
Bayonet Neill–Concelman Connectors are in short known as BNC Connectors. CCTV BNC Connector are quick connectors to monitor. The male connectors are attached to monitor of the computer system and female connectors are attached to the jack. Coaxial cables are attached with these connectors.
CCTV Camera Cable
CCTV Cable find its use in installation of CCTV Cameras. This cable suits almost all types of CCTV’s like cpplus, hikvision cctv and dhaua. The length of this cable is no less than 80 meters. This cable is appreciated for features like tough, tensile, longer service life and excellent insulation.