DVR Surveillance System

DVR Surveillance System is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder. It is one of the most effective surveillance and monitoring systems which is installed majorly in homes and business establishments. DVR receives the recorded which has been recorded by cameras placed inside or outside the building. This system is vandal and weather resistant. Color recordings are done in sunlight and in dim light, it automatically switches to black and white. To be specific, 35 infrared LEDs are used to record actions performed in day. This system can be attached to smart phones and televisions. Continuous, motion, scheduled and alarm recording modes can be recorded in DVR Surveillance System.

Key Factors:
  • Full zoom, playback option and pause facility is available in this system.
  • A backup can be made using USB or other modes.
  • Ultra high resolutions in both day and night are recorded.
  • For simple installation, cables and connectors are required.
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CP Plus HDX DVR is a monitor device that is required for connecting with surveillance cameras for recording and capturing live images. It is available in 4, 8, & 16 channel configurations as required according to the need of the customer. Abbreviated for Digital Video Recorder (DVR), this electronic assembly record video in digital signal form, which can later be viewed on your phone or desktop. It captures real time images of all the connected cameras simultaneously.

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DVR Security System

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DVR Security System is a type of VCR which uses hard drive in place of video tapes. It is required for connecting security cameras and a screen for capturing all the live events. This system can also be connected with a USB or external disk for storing recorded video in digital format as a backup. It facilitates the user to pause, playback, & zoom images required for various reasons.