DC Power Connectors

DC Power Connectors are used for giving direct power supply to electronic devices like CCTV Cameras, Smart Attendance System, Home Theatre System and more. These connectors are like USBs which powers devices on connection. There are many types of connectors like molex connector, cylindrical connector, connector plug, pin type connector and wire connector. The standard types of these connectors are not exchangeable. In case of CCTVs, these connectors join CCTV to monitor and DVR port and shows images and actions both live and recorded. DC Power Connectors comes in many jack sizes as well as in many volts, customers as per their requirement can choose from a variety.

Key Factors :-
  • These connectors are a means of supplying direct current to the device.
  • Batteries, TV, radio, automotive accessories, adapters are a few to name devices where these connectors can be attached.
  • Two most commonly used connectors are pin and ply type.
  • DC connectors are foremost choice of users because they prevent accidental interconnection.
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DC Connector

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DC Connector is used for joining different devices together through the means of a wire. It is available in different types of pin assemblies specifically required for inserting in corresponding ports. This is a type of electrical connector which supplies direct current to the attached system. It is also used to supply electricity to portable instruments from AC adapters, batteries, and automobile accessories. This connector is highly appreciated for providing protection against accidental interconnection of incompatible loads.

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DC Wire Connector

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DC Wire Connector is a type of electrical wire having specific jacks on its both ends required for supplying direct current power. It is required for connecting CCTV camera to the DVR port and monitor for capturing and viewing live images. This connector is comprised of a supreme quality PVC coating and pins corresponding to the ports. It can be availed for 12 & 24 volts DC power supply jack sizes as required by the customer.

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DC Connector Plugs

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DC Connector Plugs are manufactured using premium quality thermoplastic polymer to provide resistance from faulty current & corrosion. They are required for connecting their one end to CCTV & another to DVR box. These are the female type plugs having breakage free nature with lightweight. They are easy to connect & disconnect and assure trouble free recording & viewing of activities by the camera.

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DC Pin Connector

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DC Pin Connector is a type of male plug which is required for connecting surveillance camera to a power source with the help of an adapter. It is greatly admired due to its high corrosion resistance and long lasting operational life. This connector can be availed in different jack sizes specifically required according to the corresponding port. It enables conversion of the alternating power supply into direct current to assure trouble free performance of connected device.