CCTV BNC Connector

CCTV BNC Connector or Bayonet Nut Coupling a term given by Bayonet Neill–Concelman, are quick to connect and quick to disconnect miniature radio frequency connectors that are used with coaxial cables to provide a reliable power source to electronic devices like that of security cameras, radios, testing instruments and televisions. These connectors are attached majorly to electronic devices consuming voltages of 500 and below and running at frequencies of 4 GHz. Being plugs for networking, audio and video, BNC Connectors offers tight connection and are used for different types of coaxial cables, from miniature tor sub-miniature.

Key Factors :-

  • Withstanding of axial forces.
  • Inner and outer pair mates effectively because they have been shaped perfectly.
  • Both male and female connectors are available.
  • Reliable, miniature and light in weight connectors.
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BNC Male Crimp Connector

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BNC Male Crimp Connector is widely used in video & RF applications for 2 to 4 Giga Hertz. Abbreviated for Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector, it is ideal to be utilized for RG59 & RG62 coaxial cable required for CCTV cameras, test equipment, Wi-Fi, and WLAN. This connector consists of a center pin which can be crimped to the inner conductor. It is known to provide error & trouble free signal transfer.

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CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors

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CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors, CCTV BNC Connectors are the small quick to connect & disconnect type radio frequency parts required for coaxial cables. They assure proper attachment of security camera to the DVR port for supreme picture quality. These connectors are available in 50 & 75 ohm impedances that are connected to their corresponding cables. CCTV Monitor BNC Connectors, CCTV BNC Connectors are highly appreciated for their high corrosion resistance, image consistency, and no unwanted disconnection due to completely achieved mating to the specific port.