Biometric Attendance System

Fake proxy attendance at schools, hospitals, colleges and companies results in loss to these establishments, which is why new gen attendance systems like Biometric Attendance System are being installed. As in the very name of this type of attendance system, it uses biometric technology which is finger print recognition, voice recognition and facial recognition as a guarantee and marks his/her in and out time. This system reduces labor cost spent on managing records and paper work involving attendance. Limitation of fraud attendance is one of the major benefits of Biometric Attendance System. This system is generally known as identification and authentication device.

Key Factors :-

  • Reduction in payroll error which arises in manual attendance.
  • Unauthorized entrance of non-employees is prevented.
  • Easy set-up, connection with wifi.
  • A tab on employees coming and going can be kept.
  • Foolproof device to limit fraud attendance.
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Essl Biometric Attendance System

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Essl Biometric Attendance System is extensively used in Multi-national companies, corporate offices, forensic laboratories, hospitals, and many government institutions. It works on the biological characteristic of an individual mainly thumb or fingerprint. This system is comprised of a biometric screen to which finger is placed, which reads the already fed impressions for accurate identification and attendance marking. It operates on the principle of binary codes for providing precise information.

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Essl Biometric Attendance Machine

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Essl Biometric Attendance Machine is comprised of a metal or thermoplastic made body with locking system, biometric & operating screens, and a control panel. It is required for marking attendance of employees & students in offices & colleges. This machine is based on the principle of binary codes as it does not saves the image of the finger rather reads the impression. Every single individual has different fingerprints, which makes it ideal for separately feeding the codes at once that can be read on daily basis.