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Since the beginning of human history, various advancements in the field of technology have been taking place. From the invention of knives and sticks to electronic gadgets and security systems, all of them are a part of progressing technology. Used collectively to describe the creations, advancements and knowledge have truly modified the living conditions of people. One of the greatest technological advancements that has truly benefited human kind by providing them safe and secure living is the invention of Surveillance & Security System. These systems include CCTV Security Cameras, that prevent crime, biometric attendance system, that reduce fraud during marking attendance and various others.

Gayatri Enterprises is a one stop shop for its customers to get a wide variety of Surveillance & Security Systems as well as its Accessories. As a principal Wholesaler/Distributor and Trader, we specialize in delivering CCTV 4+1 Cable, CCTV Dome & Bullet Camera, Biometric Attendance Machine, CCTV Dome Camera, CCTV Security Cameras, ESSL Biometric Attendance System, and various other technologically advanced creations. These products are procured from certified and reputed manufacturing companies, whose quality of raw materials and machines used, both are world-class.

About Us

Hi-tech Surveillance & Security Systems and compactly designed Accessories like Biometric Attendance Machine Supplier,CCTV Dome Camera to be found at our store at budget friendly price.

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